A Love Story

This is a love story about a woman and a farm. Follow along to learn how a woman can love a farm and how a farm can love the woman.It all started with a desire. A desire to find farms in Phoenix, Arizona. That desire leads to a long distant telepathic connection, the Internet. The Internet lead to a Google search. The Google search lead to a farm in the far west valley of Phoenix.

After a long drive with my children and husband, we came to a street with tons of cattle that our navigation told us to turn on. I immediately wondered how is this farm considered organic when they have stagnated dairy cattle. We continued down the dirt road for about a half a mile, until we found a sign that said Blue Sky Organic Farm.

We saw chickens, dirt and buildings. There was nothing we considered very special. We walked into the building labeled market to find a produce paradise with a beautiful array of freshly picked fruits and vegetables. We briefly spoke to the person behind the register about how the food is grown. We headed out with the salad mixes, eggs, strawberries and few other veggies we purchased. The strawberries were devoured before the dirt road ended. The kids (and I) were crying because they wanted more. The salad mix was delicious but the eggs were AMAZING! They stood out in taste like no others I’ve had before.


I left the farm with a crush. The food was wonderful, the market was beautiful, the chickens were cool but I didn’t get close to the greens in the field and I didn’t get to ask about cattle. I wasn’t content yet.

Fast forward nine months and we pulled onto the dirt road once again. This time was different. Blue Sky Organic was having one of their open farm days. The kids entertained themselves by feeding the chickens with the farms vegetables, creating crafts and making new friends. Us adults were entertained by eating samples (best way to entertain), taking to the farm workers and making new friends.

The best part of the visit was the farm tour. A guide walked us through the fields and the greenhouse. She explained to us what they were growing, how they were growing it and why they are growing it that way. We asked tons of questions that she openly answered. She even explained that the cattle at the beginning of the road is not their cattle and that ranch is a conventional dairy farm. It was the best explanation of farming practice I have heard. That’s one way to share love.


This farm poured out love by caring so well for its plants, animals and workers. The grown food is delicious because of the love and care they put into it. There is a science to farming but the results only yield numbers. Farming is a combination of science, art, care, and love. Food tastes different when you get it from farmers that love their job, plants, animals and care for the purpose of good farm practices. Blue Sky Organic Farm shares love in all aspects of their farm.


Go check it out for yourself

4762 N 189th Avenue, Litchfield Park, AZ   85340

Phone 623.266.4031


How to know if your farm loves you?

1. They allow visitors.

2. They answer questions openly.

3. The workers are happy.

4. The food tastes delicious.

5. It fascinates you more each time you visit it.

Do you know a farm that shares the love? Which farm is it?



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