An Enchanted Forest in the Desert

I visited Singh Farms back in January after being told how awesome his farm was by many people. I was expecting to see a pretty cool place but I didn’t realize it  would be a wonderland forest in the middle of the desert.

Imagine exiting a freeway, driving a mile then pulling into a narrow gravel driveway that opens up to a parking lot. Instantly, it’s as if you are relaxing in the country. As you get out of your car and walk towards a narrow path lined with shrubs, trees, flowers and birds which make the sounds of the freeway dissipate. The tension in your muscles vanish. The million and one “to-do” list flutters away with the butterflies and your racing heart mellows to the soft whooshing of the trees.

As you walk on Singh Farm’s path it veers and turns giving you choices as to the direction you would like to take. One way takes you directly to a community of food growers, food lovers, and good food advocates. It has a plethora of edible options. There is food sold that grows directly on the farm, other local food that is dropped off and sold in Singhs market. There are also other local farmers with farm stands selling their goods like pork cuts and goat cheese.

The other way takes you through a peaceful walk through the woods with edible food covering the ground, growing between the trees. Each step you take leads you closer to blissfulness as you inhale the aroma of living soil under your feet. The sounds of the birds chirping, bees buzzing and butterflies fluttering takes your mind to the mystical Enchanted Forest. You can’t help but wonder if a dwarf will pop out from behind a tree. The path will lead you to a meeting ground which is close to the market. You can find food to eat and spots to sit.

The food that is prepared and served at the farm is delicious. The beet sandwich was mouthwatering (and I don’t even like beets). It would even satisfy a child’s taste buds.


They had juices, pizzas, and bbq. Everything smelled and looked so fresh and full of life. The experience was surreal. Mr. and Mrs. Singh  truly did a wonderful job of growing a farm and creating a wonderful good food community.

If you haven’t been there, it’s a must visit. The address is

8900 E Thomas Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85256 but call(480) 225-7199 before you to make sure they opened.

If you have been there, what was your favorite thing about it?


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