Mission’s Garden

Your actions can create a movement. Everything you do, everything you say has the chance  to be a positive influence for other people.

Mission Gardens Front Yard. Can you find the melons?

Missions Garden was grown by Ethan and Lisa and inspired by the Epic Yard Farm. On just a typical Arizona lot (about 7,500 sq ft) they have managed to grow food. Lots of food. Lots and lots of food, in both the back and front yard. They have short garden beds, tall garden beds, and even some self-constructed hoop houses.

Mission Gardens Hoop Houses
Mission Gardens Backyard

They grow a variety of food including tomatoes, peppers, watermelons and cantaloupe. The built and grew all of this in only about a year. Imagine how they could grow in the next year.

Mission Garden Cherries
Cherries growing for the first time.

It is wonderful that Ethan and Lisa have been able to create just a beautiful garden on their lot. Many people would not even consider growing food on a lot that size. It would be considered too small to grow lots of food. But, nobody needs to grow an excessive amount of food. If you do, that is great for you and the people that don’t grow any food. Keep growing. But, if you don’t grow food. You can start. Start with a small box and work up until you get comfortable.

Mission Gardens Cantelope

People only need to grow enough food. Enough to supply themselves food and maybe a little to sell or share with neighbors. I don’t have any facts or statistics but I would have to guess, if 10-15 people in our one-square-mile radius grew as much food as Ethan and Lisa we would have more food then this one-square-mile population can eat.

Mission Gardens Watermelon

Missions Garden is an example of what we should be striving for in our neighborhoods. They are an inspiration to those around them, just like Epic Farm YardEpic Farm Yard was an inspiration to them. Let’s keep the trend growing.

MIssion Gardens Heriloom Tomato
Heirloom Tomatoes

What will you grow?


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