The Pearson’s Home

Have you ever done something that feel into place so perfectly you knew it was the right thing to do? Not so say, it didn’t take hard work. But, the hard work paid off. The time, sweat and effort put into each step forward gave you a feeling of accomplishment, motivation and just plain joy. Joy so full that it fills ripples off onto those who are around you.

Wild Flowers

That is the story of the Pearsons. Lynda and Jeff knew they wanted a little stake of land right in the middle of Phoenix. They dreamed of chickens, trees and a garden. They happened to be driving in an agricultural community when they came across a burnt down house on about an acre of land. As they were seeking the owners of the property in efforts to possibly, maybe, purchase it, they found out the property was going to auction that very same day. Who would’ve guesses? They went to the auction, won the bids, bought the house and began a new chapter to their story.

Plans were designed and construction quickly began. But most importantly, planting began before the house was complete. They now have an array of fruit trees, a beautiful garden, and chickens which live open and freely. Throughout the last three years of building their home and their yard, they have endured some loses, just like every other grower. While most trees have succeeded and grew, some have died and perished. Their beautiful garden has some plants that are growing and thriving while other need a bit more nourishment and care. And of course it is all seasonal. As some plants are thriving, new plants are planted. They continuously caring for their plants and animals.


From an outside perspective, it would be easy to think, they are so lucky to have this home, to find it at perfect timing. In reality, it is not luck. They worked, saved and prepared for purchasing their “one day” home. If they didn’t come across that property that day, they would have come a different property, a different day with a different story because they were prepared. The Pearson’s also put lots of energy and hope when planting and caring for their trees and garden. They turned their dreams into goals and their goals into reality.


In a society that believes things should be handed to them with little or no work, it is refreshing and encouraging to know people that still value planning, preparing, hard work and patience. In reality, we will need all of these qualities in order to accomplish whatever goals we may have. We need these qualities to grow good food as well as a good community. With qualities like these each of us will be dependable on ourselves but able to assist others in a time of need (not want). For the Pearson’s planning, preparing, hard work and patience earned them a beautiful home and yard with foods that grow. What more could you ask for?


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