The Perfect Backyard Farm

It is difficult to write this blog  about Holiday’s Farm, without being biased. It’s not that the other farms aren’t amazing, unique and spectacular each in their own way. It’s just that Holiday’s Farm is the perfect farm that people dream of living on one day.



It is a family owned three-acre backyard farm. It is situation perfectly in a south phoenix town close to the city with a beautiful mountain view. The farm grows mulberries, strawberries, figs and pomegranates. Off to the side of the property is where their chickens get to roam and lay delicious eggs. All of their products are available most of the year at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturday mornings.



The best part of Holiday’s Farm is that is used to only be an old beat up trailer on a plot of land. Holiday and Jonathan turned their dreams into goals and worked every day to create a beautiful farm. They work through the small annoyances like chickens pecking at your feet, in order to enjoy the nutrients and deliciousness of truly fresh eggs. They work through the large challenges that many people fail to overcome. The best part of Holiday’s Farm is that a farm like this doesn’t happen by accident. It’s not gained on a whim. It wasn’t passed down to them or inherited. It was sought out. It was built with hard work, diligence, perseverance and some love.


Mulberry Holiday Farm 2016

They do their hard work and chores daily then reap the benefits of their fresh food. Their mulberries are enough to encourage anyone to grow a few trees (or buy them from Holiday). The seductive deep red almost purple color of mulberries lure people to the tree. The excitement begins when the mulberry drops into your hands by a gentle touch. The sweetness of the mulberry is detected through your sense of smell before it ever touches your lips. The berry dissolves off the vine in your mouth to fill your taste buds with a sweet burst of flavor. It almost tastes like unprocessed syrup but only better and leaves your mouth watering for more.


Trying out aquaponics on the farm.



Holiday Farms continues to change, grow, and adapt in efforts to grow their food supply year round and for more people. Life would be perfect with a bunch of Holiday’s Farms.

Holiday Farms 2016


-Kerry Audisho     5/11/2016

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