Epic Yard Farm

Epic Yard Farm was created on a typical Arizona size property in Tempe. Tempe is known to be the home of Arizona State University. One of the largest universities in the nation. A place where students party, study and party some more. Gardening, farming  or growing food is far away from most people’s minds.

Jacq, the owner of Epic Yard Farm, decided it would be a perfect spot for her home. Jacq moved into her home about three years ago. The front yard was all grass and backyard was a concrete jungle with an outdated pool. Jacq and her husband did not want to buy a lawn mower or mow the grass so the decided to plant a small garden instead. They began by layering the Bermuda grass with cardboard, soil, and mulch to kill it off. Soon enough the grass was dead and their “small” garden started to flourish.


Jacq’s front yard is beautiful. The ground is covered with vines. There are layers upon layers of various plants. It is filled with life, love and edible plants. But, then there’s her backyard. Her backyard is different. Brand new hummingbird homes greet you as soon as you walk into the backyard. Straight ahead, you a little peak as to what the yard looks like.  As soon as you go around the corner, you become engulfed in a world of plants. Small plants, large plants, growing plants, edible plants, decorative plants, new plants, plants, plants, plants. Walking on the beautiful deck paved path (made from recycled materials), surrounded by beautiful greenery felt like we were on a tropical vacation.  It’s amazing to think of the process they must have gone through to get their backyard transformed. They ripped out the concrete that covered the whole backyard as well as the pool. Then they partially filled it up with dirt and built a beautiful retaining wall out of welded metal. Jacq’s husband did all of the welding himself including decorative work and even a beautiful fence wall.


The most amazing part of Jacq’s backyard is the walk down garden area. Not only is it gorgeous but it also keeps her plants’ cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters. There is even a pond in the walk down garden area. It makes you want to lounge down there with a good book while sipping Rosella tea for days on end.

epic-yard-pool epic-yard-pond

Epic Yard Farm is truly epic! The pictures do not do the yard justice. It is surreal. Not all yards are a reflection of the owner but this yard surely is. It reflects on how giving Jacq naturally is. She regularly opens her yard up to educate other growers and as a way to cultivate a growing community. She cares about people finding joy in their lives while working with the land. She cares about people growing food because of health and she is more than happy to share with people how to do it. She welcomed our Your Farm Foods group with opened arms. She even sets up a sharing table. This table represents how if each person brought a little of their excess things, they would be more than enough for everyone to use. Jacq shares her seeds and plants with anyone that wants them. The only thing Jacq asks in return is for you to do the same. That you share when you can.


Grow food, save seeds and share the excess.



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