Month: October 2016

Food For Thoughts

Yesterday morning, I was eating breakfast made of local eggs, local pork belly and salad greens. I posted my breakfast on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but then, it occurred to me that many people do not know the value of a local breakfast. What is so special about the breakfast I posted?   Let me explain! The salad […]

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Water Saving Yard

Ok, here’s the deal. We live in Phoenix and it gets hot. Really, really hot here. Sometimes even up to 120 in the summers. I love it but it’s hard on the plants. We use a ton of water everyday to keep the plants healthy only to come home to find one or two dead […]

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Blooming Ranch

“Laura, what do you want to be when you get older?”, asks an uncle. “Maybe a nurse, doctor or a lawyer?”, an aunt chimes in. Laura stands up tall and proud then says, “I want to be a farmer when I get big.” Smiles and laughter spread throughout the room. “Sweet little girl,” says one […]

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