Blooming Ranch


“Laura, what do you want to be when you get older?”, asks an uncle.

“Maybe a nurse, doctor or a lawyer?”, an aunt chimes in.

Laura stands up tall and proud then says, “I want to be a farmer when I get big.” Smiles and laughter spread throughout the room. “Sweet little girl,” says one person. “You won’t make enough money doing that,” claims another. “That’s a lot of hard work,” shouts a second cousin twice removed. But, none of that deterred Laura from her dreams.


Throughout the years, Laura longed to be outside and in the plants. By the time she was a teenager she asked her mom to take over the family garden. While most teenage girls were thinking about boys, hair and makeup, Laura was plotting, sowing, growing and harvesting her families dinners. It took planning, patience and diligence, something many teenagers have a hard time doing in just school alone.


As Laura grew and her high school years were coming to an end, people discouraged her from farming because they were worried she would not be able to make a decent wage. So, she decided to go to nursing school. That lasted just a couple semesters before she switched and earned a masters in agricultural business.

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Now, you can visit Laura at her Blooming Ranch in North Phoenix. Where she and her husband, Rob, are growing a garden, raising some chickens and growing their family. On their ranch, Laura squeezes in as much time as she can outside even in the Arizona summers, caring for her young daughter and expecting the arrival of her son.


Laura had a dream, set it as a goal and made it into a reality. She grows plants, harvest food and inspires all.



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Update: Laura had her beautiful baby boy. Visit and congratulate her on Blooming Ranch.

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