Barnone a New Arizona Must See Spot

Barnone is a new Arizona must see spot. Barnone is a perfect combination of small local craft shops, beer, wine and food situated in a revitalized barn sitting on The Farm at Agritopia in Gilbert. They have things like woodworking and machine shops all the way to a hair salon and restaurants.

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There is Wander, which sits in the middle of the Barn. It is a two-chair hair salon that constantly has men and women in and out of there. Then there is Prickly Pear Paper, a custom paper company that also brands companies. Prickly Pear Paper has books, journals, cute cards and so many gift ideas to give for the holidays. While you are there, you might as well pick up a gift for yourself.

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Another great place for gift ideas is Letter Craft. They make what every you can think of out of wood and letters. Customized wooden golfing tees, wall decor, wood puzzles and keychain are just some of the things you can find at Letter Craft. Your imagination is the only limit here.

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And then there is Everybody Love Flowers. If you don’t already love flowers, you will as soon as you detect  the pleasant aroma inside this florist shop. The eye catching scenery mixed with the aroma gives the shop a calming, peaceful, pull up and chair and stay there all day feel. The shop does anything from wedding arrangements to monogrammed wreaths. You can also find unique and beautiful jewelry, decorations and locally made teas inside the store. It is one of those stores where you purchase your items but instead of leaving you browse some more. 

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As if the shops and stores above are not enough reason to visit Barnone, there is more, much more. There is the brewery, winery, restaurants and a farm stand! With a total of twelve beer on tap, 12 West Brewing company offers a beer for everyone. Anyone from the new beer drinker to the craft beer lover will have an option at this homegrown brewing company.


If you prefer wine then you can visit Garage East, a Gilbert winery that grows their own grapes just a couple hours away at Dos Cabezas in Wilcox, Arizona. That’s right, they grow the grapes on their farm and then turn them into wine. They have anything from the common wines to new and invented wines like Breakfast wine, which is a mix of carbonated citrus with wine. It gives you a wonderful good morning kiss. Garage East is an exclusive wine sold only in Gilbert. Garage East focuses on a relaxing atmosphere for gathering community with seating inside and out. They believe in quality wine with a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

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Fire and Brimstone is a pizzeria inside of Barnone. They focus on using fresh, local and quality ingredients. Rhiba Farms dropped off food to them around 9am then Fire and Brimstone started cutting it up and preparing it for open at 11am. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! Of course, they also use some ingredients right from the Farm at Agritopia. It is wonderful to see various local food communities coming together to provide people with fresh quality ingredients.

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On the other side of Barnone there is the Uprooted Kitchen, a plant based eatery. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant with a smell and look that encourages a person to walk up, order and sit right down.  And of course, much of their food comes from The Farm at Agritopia. But, do not worry! The Farm at Agritopia still has enough produce and vegetables for people who want to eat good local food in their own kitchens. You can stop by their food stand, pick out the foods you want and pay yourself with their self check out system. Their food stand acts as a food hub by being stocked with local goods straight from Agritopia as well as other local farms. This gives us local food buyers options and variety to choose from. They even have a book borrowing community stand to learn about health, food and living the good life.


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Whether you are looking to buy gifts, grab a quick bite or hang out with friends for a little while, Barnone has a place for you. The walking paths lined with rosemary bushes, the entryways greeted with edible shrubs and the food growing on the trees on the farm is a site to see for yourself. So, put on your ball cap and some jeans or dress up and get fancy, then make your way to Barnone for lunch, dinner, a drink, some Christmas shopping and even your groceries.


Relax and enjoy, then tell me about it!


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