Blooming Beets is Booming!

Blooming Beets Kitchen is not like other restaurants. They don’t just serve you pretty looking food with a great taste. They serve you pretty looking food with a great taste and quality ingredients! Ingredients that don’t fog your brain, bloat your abdomen or flare up your sinuses. Ingredients that give you a wonderful taste and a feel good belly.

Brussel Sprouts appetizer

With a relaxed, intimate and beautiful dining atmosphere, Blooming Beets provides a place for paleo, vegetarians, and vegans to enjoy healthy meals with without sacrificing flavor. Its menu is completely gluten and grain free. Yes, grain free! People with Celiacs disease are able to eat there. They provide people with autoimmune diseases and food allergies a safe and comfortable atmosphere to relax and enjoy like no other restaurant can provide.

The kitchen focuses on using quality oils such as coconut, avocado and olive oil. They try to source their food locally from small family farms when possible. When it is not possible, they still get grass fed or pasture raised meats and organic ingredients.

The best part of Blooming Beets is the taste of their food because nobody wants to eat bland food even when it’s good for you. They have combined quality with creativity to emit nutritious blends perfectly pleasing to your palate.

The Brussel Sprouts appetizer is drizzled an apple cider reduction over crispy brussel sprouts and crunchy pecans to give you a perfect combination of sweet and nutrient dense flavors which will leave you and your friends fighting for the last bite.

The Bunless Wild Burger sits in a stew that has a smoky, sweet flavor providing a powerful kick of flavor to your mouth. Be ready to enjoy the heat!

Lava Cake

The Chorizo Coconut Wrap is a perfect combination of spicy meat, sweet carbs and perfect seasoning to provide a bold and memorable taste. The Wild Caught Salmon has a clean and crisp taste with a subtle and pleasurable flavor to leave you wanting more.

Blooming Beets food menu has a flavor for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to splurge a little with a drink and a dessert you can do so at ease. Their drinks are made with quality alcohol and real juices. Their Lava Cake and ice cream were a great pair of sweet and creamy with a portion size that is just right.

Enchanted Tea

Blooming Beets Kitchen takes eating clean from your kitchen to their restaurant so every now and then you can eat well and relax.

Go there, enjoy and let me know what you think! Oh, and remember to get tea the smell along is refreshing!





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