Money is More Powerful Than Votes

Today marks the day for a new President in the White House. President Barack Obama’s term has come to an end and President Donald Trump’s term begins. Our country as a nation is torn apart because of this. There are many people upset and dismayed because Obama is leaving or because Trump is starting or because republicans won this election and democrats lost. As we all heard, there have been people so upset that they have needed counseling or days off from school and work to help them move past the fact that Donald Trump is our next president. Then on the flip side of that, there are people that are ecstatic that Trump won this term. Some could say they are even a little obnoxious about it. The only thing these actions do is break down the unity of this country which in turn causes destruction, of our great nation.

There are many things affecting our daily living more that the president. If you really care about this country and you truly want to make it better, then you as a citizen have daily options that can change this country for better or for worse. Leadership can trickle down from top to bottom. A great leader can help create a solidarity but the President is not the only person that is a leader in this country. Leadership begins with each one of us. Each persons’ actions affect the next person’s life. If we consider this in our daily living, we will form bonding communities of different types of people that show love and respect for one another.

Something as simple as speeding down a street tells those on the street that you have no respect for their well-being. Something as simple as driving the speed limit is a sign of leadership. Holding the door open for the person behind you, moving over on a walking path or a friendly smile, are all very simple leadership actions that can communicate love and respect for another person. These actions are contagious, they trickle down or over from one person to another.

Leadership within communities start small but not all actions have small results. The most important act you can do to improve your community, city, state and eventually country is VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS. The way you spend your money has the power to change your life and the lives of those around you. If we as individuals, spend our money within our communities than our community will gain even more power than the president. We will unite as a community and lead as an example to other communities.

According to Local First AZ, $43 dollars stay local for every $100 spent on a local business. However, $13 that stay local for every $100 spent on a large business. Why am I ranting about buying local when this blog is about growing, buying and eating local food? Health and food are affected greatly when voting with our dollars. We vote for health and food with our dollars at least three times a day. Every time someone goes for fast food that is voting for more fast food in our community. Every time someone buys GMO food from the grocery store that is telling more farmers to grow GMO food. Each time someone buys organic from the grocery store that is telling more large farms to grow more organic food. Each time we spend our money we are sending a message. For someone that wants the most nutrient dense and least chemical filled food the best way to spend our money is on locally grown food.

Each time we spend our money on a local farmer, we have justified that farmer’s actions to put his or her community as a priority in their life. We are reinsuring the farmer they have made a good decision and we want them to continue growing food.  We are also telling people around us we want more healthy local food. Buying local food directly from farmers, betters our health, improves our environment and air quality, enhances animal welfare and strengthens our economy. Where your food comes from affects your overall well-being, as well as your neighbor’s lives. Voting with your dollars has the power to change our local policies and could even affect other cities in our nation which could change our country’s policies. We the people of the United States of America get the opportunity to vote every day with our dollars. It is right, dutiful and just to take this opportunity seriously and use it as often as possible.

My goal by the end of 2017 is to buy ALL of my food local or to grow it myself (with items from local businesses). I will be sharing the steps I take regularly in order to reach my goal. Who is with me?


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