Whittle Bitty Farms

Whittle Bitty Farms started off as an urban farm in Joey Whittle’s backyard which is in Maricopa, Arizona. Joey was raised on a farm in the Midwest and always loved being one with nature. It was only natural for him to be a gardener and landscaper for the last 12 years.

Recently, Joey started to experiment more in his own backyard. He is growing all sorts of things like amaranth, aloe vera to peach trees and dragon fruit. He is constantly building, adding and planting new parts to his gardens such as trenches, gazebos, and a pond. He is able to grow more food than he can eat. He loved what he was doing so much in his own backyard that he started to do the same things in other people’s backyards.

Joey has a network of homes where he grows food in their backyards. The homeowners get to eat fresh food from their own backyard and Joey gets to take the excess food to the markets. This system helps to provide people in their community with chemical free food.

Joey recently started organizing the Maricopa Farmers Market and now sells his food as well as other people’s food at the farmers market. As if that was not enough, he also takes whatever excess food he has from the market and sells it in pop-up farmers markets around Phoenix. These pop-up markets are done on demand as requested by friends.

Joey is a one-man show that grows food, harvests it and sells it. He thrives on the belief that locally grown, chemical free, good food, is better for our health, environment, and economics and it should more easily available. So, he is figuring out ways to do so.

Joey is a great example that belief, action, and goals are all you need to get where you want to be in life.


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