Davis Family Goats will Make You Want Your Own Private and Beautiful Farm!

I have been to more farms than I can count over the last couple of years but I have NEVER been to a farm like the Davis Family Goats!

Davis Family Goats has a whole circle of life on their one property. They are constantly updated and changing their property to find increase efficiency on the farm, as well as fun family activities! The property is already a magnificent sustainable farm without the updates but the Davis Family has a passion for family, farm, and animals and it shows!

As you drive on the dirt road towards the farm you can’t help but wonder, where exactly are you going? There are small farms and homesteads layering the streets on both sides but from the street view, they look very small and unattended. Once, our navigation said, “you have reached your destination”, we looked to our left to see a closed gate that was very quickly opened by a young girl holding her chicken.

With a dirt driveway going left, right, and straight we pulled the right, parked along the circle driveway and hopped out of the car. Our first views were grass (a rare commodity in Arizona), trees, and more trees.

Behind some trees, we found the house. Behind other trees, we found a hidden gorgeous raised garden built out of cinderblocks and shaded for protection from the sun. It was an absolutely beautiful beginning to an amazing tour! The garden was filled with beautiful plants and a tortoise to trim those plants. I have heard tortoises could be very destructive but this little guy nibbled a little here and there but kept the plants intact.

Next to the garden was a beautiful greenhouse. There is just something breathtaking about sliding the doors of a greenhouse open and capturing the beauty of what’s inside in one moment. The Davis Family greenhouse is amazing!!! You open a door in the middle of the desert and it instantly transports you to the tropics. The temperature drops moisture surrounds you, your eyes capture all sorts of green vegetations growing, while you inhale aroma that can only be created in nature.

Stepping back outside reminds us we still in the desert. Which is beautiful and amazing in a whole different way. This part of the desert happens to be a goat farm which is even better!

There are over 210 breeds of goats in the world. The Davis Family specifically chose to have La Mancha goats. They are a breed of goats that produce a ton of fatty and sweet goat milk which is great for making kefir and cheese. Since we got to taste La Mancha goat cheese and yogurt, I can attest to these claims. Yum! The Davis Family mainly raise dairy goats. Their bucklings are only sold off as breeding goats, pets, or pack goats to other farms. The ones they keep are used around the farm as pack and carting goats. The Davis Family makes sure they do not become meat goats for other people. They actually have some bucklings for sale right now.

They also have chickens. Lots and lots of chickens and roosters that roam the farm and lay their eggs in their hen house. Ariana Davis, the 11-year-old daughter on the property, tends to the needs of the animals in major ways. She names them, feeds them, and cares for them when they are sick or ill. Ariana has a love and passion for animals that is absolutely beautiful to see! She participates in 4-H, which is a development program that allows children hands-on experience in real life areas, such as farming, that allow them to grow and build character.

Ariana took her chickens to the Pinal County Fair earlier this year and got Grand Champion Best of Show for her Silkie, names Tissue. Ariana and her sister Honor (age 12) also competed for in the fair with their dairy goats. Honor’s goat, Brownie, got Grand Champion for the Lamancha class and Grand Champion Reserve for Best of Show. Ariana’s goat, Cheetah, got Grand Champion Reserve for the lamancha class. Look for them at the Arizona State Fair, they might just be there collecting more prizes!

Davis Family Goats also have horses and a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix named George to add to their family’s farm. George is also known as a livestock guardian dog (LGD). The horses are all different sizes and colors. Each one beautiful in its own unique way. The horses respond the Davis kids the same way indoor pets respond to their families, with excitement and gentleness at the same time. George is a large dog with so much beautiful white fur. He is amazing with people and fearful for predators that prey on farm animals. George would be the first one on the farm to warn (bark) for hawks or scare away bobcats and coyotes. George has a natural sweet characteristic where he brushes up to people and wants to get pet. He is so sweet that you have no choice but to pet him.

The animals on Davis Family Goats are cared and loved by everyone in their family as well as visitors to the farm. They ran towards us when Your Farm Foods of Phoenix visited. The goats allowed all everyone to pet and enjoy them and as they enjoyed us too!

As if, Davis Family Goats isn’t already amazing in plain site! They are amazing behind the scenes as well by providing an outlet for the All in the Family, LLC DTA to experience farm life. All in the Family is a provider of developmental programs for children and adults with developmental delays. The adults that participate at All in the Family visit Davis Family Goats regularly to play and care for the animals. Building skills for the adults and providing love and attention for both the adults and the animals.

Farms are truly amazing. When they are cared for with love and attention as the Davis Family Goats is, they provide a loving and enriching environment to all that visit there. One of the most special things about farms is each one uniqueness. It’s as if, they each have their own personalities, gifts and hidden gems like humans do! Davis Family Goats is an awe-inspiring hidden gem in Metro Phoenix that Your Farm Foods hopes to visit again!



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