This is Your Irresistible Arizona Restaurant in the New Year!

Every once in a while in life, people get a feeling of contentment and fulfillment accompanied by joy, excitement, and often times love. These feelings usually occur at the happiest moments in life such as achieving and receiving awards, falling in love with that special someone, getting married, having a child, holidays and birthdays. But, sometimes a similar feeling can come from more simple moments, like while eating dinner at Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine in Cave Creek.

Cartwright’s has been in Cave Creek for many years but was acquired by new owners this past spring by Chef Brett Vibber and Cody Heller. Their talents are truly shining through it! From the dishes to the services to the restaurant’s design and decor, the whole experience is an optimal dining experience.

The menu offers twists on common dishes as well deliciousness to unique and rare dishes that you will be happy you tried even if you are not typically adventurous with your food. To start, I believe we had the Tuna Tartare. It was as if the tuna melted in your mouth while giving ever so slightly sweet, creamy flavor with a dash of spice. The mushrooms helped to finish off the experience with a nice soft texture. The combination was precise and scientific.

One of my favorite dishes to order at any restaurant is a Cesar salad. It is a very safe item to order off of a menu. 99 out of 100 Times it will be satisfying and enjoyable. However, Cartwrights, Cesar salad is the best Cesar salad I have ever had! The lettuce was crisp and fresh. the parmesan cheese was creamy and mild in flavor, which allowed the flavors of the dressing to stand out without the typical salting taste that is often associated with a Cesar salad.

The Cesar salad left us with a nice lite feelings that we quickly fulfilled with the Bone Marrow which was a special and Wagyu Beef Tartare. The bone marrow was glazed with a sweet topping, giving the dish a beautiful balance of flavors. This was my first experience with beef tartare ever. My imagination ran wild with thoughts and flavors of expectations. I would have never guessed that I would have enjoyed it so much! It gives a satisfying beef taste that resonated seasonings I could not distinguish. It was definitely the highlight of my evening.

Next up was the Ling Cod and Scallops. Both came out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Seasoned lightly, allowing us to taste the flavor of the seafood. Being paired with couscous added a softness to the texture. The microgreens added a brilliant kick to each bite.

Quail is one of my favorite foods that bring back holiday memories as a child. Some may say that I even make a decent quail myself. But, this quail was stuffed and perfectly paired! Sweet, salty, spicy and delicious.

The last portion of our Destination Chef’s Tasting order was the Bison Tenderloin with an apricot bacon marmalade. The drizzle of the marmalade gave the beef a delicate sweet touch, to the bold bison flavor. The bison would be delicious all by itself but the addition of the marmalade with the side of colorful potatoes put this dish over the top!

Last but not least, the Cave Creek Cheesecake. This unique cheesecake is more of a sweet, cheese, cream, with crumbled graham crackers and salted berry ice cream on the side. It was the perfect completion of an extraordinary meal.

This dishes at Cartwrights are delectable, to say the least. Cartwrights is amazing for many other reasons as well such as the sources of their food. Great chefs know the source of food can take their creations to a whole new level of artful attraction through smell, texture, and taste.

That is why Brett focuses on sourcing their food from locally when from places like Pinnacle Farms, Mortimer Farms, Abby Lee Farm, Mountain Sky Farms, SI Farms, Arizona Microgreens, and Hayden Mills. When that’s not possible Brett Vibber puts his attention on getting his food from the best reliable sources such as Organic Ocean out of Vancouver, who he has personally fished with.

Brett Vibber is a kitchen chemist with an artistic and creative gift! He creates unique and delectable dishes that leaves you unsatisfied eating anyplace else.

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