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Edible Foodscaping

In an earlier post, I talked about an Enchanted Forest in the Desert. Now I am here to tell you about a food forest in the desert! I’ve heard about edible backyards. I imaged it as the backyard lined with various fruits and vegetables while the center is grass and the yard is decorated with […]

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An Enchanted Forest in the Desert

I visited Singh Farms back in January after being told how awesome his farm was by many people. I was expecting to see a pretty cool place but I didn’t realize it ¬†would be a wonderland forest in the middle of the desert. Imagine exiting a freeway, driving a mile then pulling into a narrow […]

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Not All Farms are Created Equal

Ever walk into a used car dealership then your hair stands up on the back of your neck and you get a sick feeling in your gut. You can’t really figure out what’s wrong so you ignore it and continue doing what you planned on you doing. Yup, that’s how I felt when visiting a […]

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A Love Story

This is a love story about a woman and a farm. Follow along to learn how a woman can love a farm and how a farm can love the woman.It all started with a desire. A desire to find farms in Phoenix, Arizona. That desire leads to a long distant telepathic connection, the Internet. The […]

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