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Factory Farms

Let me start off by stating, I am not an animal rights activist. However, I do believe animals should be treated well and cared for appropriately but it is not my calling to actively work towards better animal rights. I believe if more people bought food from the small farms that love, care and cherish […]

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The Perfect Backyard Farm

It is difficult to write this blog  about Holiday’s Farm, without being biased. It’s not that the other farms aren’t amazing, unique and spectacular each in their own way. It’s just that Holiday’s Farm is the perfect farm that people dream of living on one day.     It is a family owned three-acre backyard farm. […]

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Edible Foodscaping

In an earlier post, I talked about an Enchanted Forest in the Desert. Now I am here to tell you about a food forest in the desert! I’ve heard about edible backyards. I imaged it as the backyard lined with various fruits and vegetables while the center is grass and the yard is decorated with […]

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An Enchanted Forest in the Desert

I visited Singh Farms back in January after being told how awesome his farm was by many people. I was expecting to see a pretty cool place but I didn’t realize it  would be a wonderland forest in the middle of the desert. Imagine exiting a freeway, driving a mile then pulling into a narrow […]

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Not All Farms are Created Equal

Ever walk into a used car dealership then your hair stands up on the back of your neck and you get a sick feeling in your gut. You can’t really figure out what’s wrong so you ignore it and continue doing what you planned on you doing. Yup, that’s how I felt when visiting a […]

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A Love Story

This is a love story about a woman and a farm. Follow along to learn how a woman can love a farm and how a farm can love the woman.It all started with a desire. A desire to find farms in Phoenix, Arizona. That desire leads to a long distant telepathic connection, the Internet. The […]

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