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Here is where you can find me rambling on about thoughts of food and food for thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

Growing Food Can Teach Your Kids Lifetime Values

I was reading this great article “How Farmers Markets Can Teach Your Kids the Values of Local Food and Community Building” and thought it was great! It talks about how kids can learn at farmer markets and how family farms need the communities support because large agribusiness dominates the food production and I completely agree. […]

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Money is More Powerful Than Votes

Today marks the day for a new President in the White House. President Barack Obama’s term has come to an end and President Donald Trump’s term begins. Our country as a nation is torn apart because of this. There are many people upset and dismayed because Obama is leaving or because Trump is starting or […]

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Superficial Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. You know it, I know it and your dog probably even knows it. It’s that time we all make new year’s resolutions. Many of us will have the same resolutions, few of us will stick with them. You or at least one person you know has probably committed to […]

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Barnone a New Arizona Must See Spot

Barnone is a new Arizona must see spot. Barnone is a perfect combination of small local craft shops, beer, wine and food situated in a revitalized barn sitting on The Farm at Agritopia in Gilbert. They have things like woodworking and machine shops all the way to a hair salon and restaurants.    There is […]

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Food For Thoughts

Yesterday morning, I was eating breakfast made of local eggs, local pork belly and salad greens. I posted my breakfast on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but then, it occurred to me that many people do not know the value of a local breakfast. What is so special about the breakfast I posted?   Let me explain! The salad […]

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