Phoenix Tour de Coops

Come learn about keeping and raising chickens at Phoenix Tour de Coops 2018, powered by Your Farm Foods. The tour promises interactive examples on how to incorporate chickens into sustainable household garden systems in the greater Northern Phoenix area. This one-day self-guided tour seeks to educate visitors about keeping hens and delight them with garden ideas and inspiration toward sustainable living. The tour provides guidance and inspiration for gardeners of all levels!

At Phoenix’s Tour de Coops you will you have the opportunity to visit four brand new coops to the tour! Each location provides a different chicken experience to Bawk about!

Photo by: Krisit Mollner

Altogether, you will learn about chicken keeping from egg to hen! Tour hosts will share their experiences with chicken care, coop design, maintaining harmony among the chickens and more. Interesting features on the tour this year include a small family owned farm, water harvesting, an active beehive, greywater systems, rain gardens, composting, how to start and maintain your own garden beds, and a locally owned and operated chicken feed store that will provide you with information about raising chickens!

Phoenix Tour de Coops is a family-fun event that provides an entertaining way to get your friends and family crazy about chickens! It’s a great event to attend if you just want to learn about chickens, thinking about getting some of your own, or if you already have chickens and want to learn more. By the time you go home, you will know how to care for chickens and gardens and you will have access to the resources needed to get you started.

Photo by: Krisit Mollner

This event is open to all ages, tour-goers check in at Blooming Ranch for access:

-to coop sites

-an Easter Egg Hunt

-Easter pictures with bunnies provided by Verdin Photograph

-giveaways and inflatables presented by 88.7, The Pulse radio station

The tour showcases various hen houses and sustainable gardening practices but please leave pets at home, since some flocks are not accustomed to four-legged visitors.

Oh, and make sure to bring your appetite, The Chicken Coop AZ Food Truck will be at Blooming Ranch serving lunch!

Remember, 100% of the tour proceeds go right back into connecting consumer with farmers through more events and technology!

Tickets for the Tour de Coops on sale now and can be purchased online through Eventbrite.
Adult (ages 13+) ticket price is $18
Children 12 and under are free.
2-pack offer (online only) for $30


what to know:

Pet policy
We are sorry but due to biosecurity measurements, there are no pets on the tour.
The tour is not compliant with general public accessibility standards, due to the private agrarian nature of the sites.
Appropriate Footwear
Please wear closed toed shoes and covered footwear. In order to keep our flocks and animals safe, all attendees must take biosecurity measurements when entering and exit each property. Which means you will need to place the soles of your shoes in a bleach-like chemical.
There will only be two location with bathrooms available. They will be marked on the tour guide you will be given upon check out. Restaurants and businesses along the route may provide bathrooms at their own discretion.
All children must be guided by their parents and respect the animals and plants on each property. Our coop owners work hard to care for their chickens, yards, and other animals properly. We ask that nothing is moved, misplaced, or removed from the property and that all living plants and animals are not touched but observed and admired.
Please limit access to the indicated public tour areas, please do not just wander around the property.
Please dispose of your own trash.
Please use designated parking areas. Please respect neighbor’s driveway entries when street parking, follow all city regulations when street parking, and no parking in coop site driveways.
Food + hydration
Please stay hydrated / sunscreen / hat
Participants are responsible for their own food and hydration between coop sites. No food or drink shall be brought into any of the coop sites.

what to wear/bring

  • Please wear shoes that are comfortable for walking around in and stepping in dirt or mud as some farms may have some dirt.
  • Please bring water as none will be provided.
  • Tour de Coops will be held rain or shine, so dress according to weather.
  • Your smile and your friends of all ages!


Purchase your tickets online at Eventbrite.