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Epic Yard Farm

Epic Yard Farm was created on a typical Arizona size property in Tempe. Tempe is known to be the home of Arizona State University. One of the largest universities in the nation. A place where students party, study and party some more. Gardening, farming  or growing food is far away from most people’s minds. Jacq, […]

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The Perfect Backyard Farm

It is difficult to write this blog  about Holiday’s Farm, without being biased. It’s not that the other farms aren’t amazing, unique and spectacular each in their own way. It’s just that Holiday’s Farm is the perfect farm that people dream of living on one day.     It is a family owned three-acre backyard farm. […]

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Edible Foodscaping

In an earlier post, I talked about an Enchanted Forest in the Desert. Now I am here to tell you about a food forest in the desert! I’ve heard about edible backyards. I imaged it as the backyard lined with various fruits and vegetables while the center is grass and the yard is decorated with […]

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