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Whittle Bitty Farms

Whittle Bitty Farms started off as an urban farm in Joey Whittle’s backyard which is in Maricopa, Arizona. Joey was raised on a farm in the Midwest and always loved being one with nature. It was only natural for him to be a gardener and landscaper for the last 12 years. Recently, Joey started to […]

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Growing Food Can Teach Your Kids Lifetime Values

I was reading this great article “How Farmers Markets Can Teach Your Kids the Values of Local Food and Community Building” and thought it was great! It talks about how kids can learn at farmer markets and how family farms need the communities support because large agribusiness dominates the food production and I completely agree. […]

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Epic Yard Farm

Epic Yard Farm was created on a typical Arizona size property in Tempe. Tempe is known to be the home of Arizona State University. One of the largest universities in the nation. A place where students party, study and party some more. Gardening, farming  or growing food is far away from most people’s minds. Jacq, […]

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