2 Pack 2.5 oz. NexVeg Black Bean Original Patties

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Delicious and mildly seasoned these Flagstaff made, non-allergen, plant-based proteins satisfy the whole family!  

100% whole food and plant-pure, these thin patties cook fast and make fantastic kids burgers or stack them with veggies or cheese for the greatest double faken vegan burgers on the block.

Clean label, easy to understand ingredients are lightly combined into a patty that won't overpower the flavors of your favorite toppings.

2 pack of 2.5 oz., frozen patties (5 oz. total)

Seasoned patties are easy to use and cook.  They can be thawed and re-formed into any shape and /or chopped into ground.  Visit https://nexveg.com/pages/cooking-instruction for information on cooking.

Offered frozen and vacuum sealed (Shelf life: 6 month frozen, 7 days refrigerated)