Organic Ocean - Wild Rock Crab

Organic Ocean - Wild Rock Crab

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Rock Crab - Cancer irroratus 

Product Specs:

-Wild Atlantic Rock Crab - 2lbs Cooked meat - Trap Caught

-1 package, mixed leg, claw, and body meat which is flaky and sweet. 

- Individually vac-packed, Pin-Bones-Out

-ready to eat

* 100% sustainable, 100% delicious, 100% nutrient dense. 
* Essential building blocks to a healthy diet and immune system. 
* Premium packed with care and extra consideration to health and quality. 
* Delivered in refrigerated trucks to maintain food safety, cold-chain and quality.

Rock Crab are found primarily along the Canadian Atlantic coast but can range as far south as the east coast of Florida. The mild flavor and firm texture of Rock Crab meat make it a popular ingredient in many crab dishes. Try it in a gumbo - stuffed mushrooms - crab cakes and much much more!