Organic Ocean - Wild Side Stripe Shrimp Tails

Organic Ocean - Wild Side Stripe Shrimp Tails

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Side Stripe Shrimp - Pandalopsis dispar 


Product Specs:

-1lb of Wild Side Stripe Shrimp Tails Frozen in Seawater 

-Sizing - Ocean Run (30-45 pcs/lb)

-Natural, Chem Free 

- Shell on

-Sashimi Quality

* 100% sustainable, 100% delicious, 100% nutrient dense. 
* Essential building blocks to a healthy diet and immune system. 
* Premium packed with care and extra consideration to health and quality. 
* Delivered in refrigerated trucks to maintain food safety, cold-chain and quality.

Harvested in the coastal inlets and fjords of the North coast of British Columbia,

the Side Stripe or giant shrimp is second in size to the spot prawn. As they are

caught, the Side Stripe shrimp are immediately sorted and graded for size, tailed,

rinsed and flash frozen at extremely low temperatures in Sea-water or brine-filled containers preserving the remarkably sweet yet delicate flavor and firm texture without the use of chemicals.