About Us

Your Farm Foods connects consumers directly to farmers through events and an our online marketplace. We educate, inspire, and lead people directly to nutritious and healthy food sources that can be found, purchased, and even delivered conveniently through YourFarmFoods.com. Your Farm Foods is grows through the support of our community of farmers and local foodies that is organized and maintained by Kerry Bashi, Laura Ungrvy, and Nancy Contrino.

Kerry is Dr. Sear's Certified Health Coach, local food enthusiast, entrepreneur, and mother to three children. She is driven and focused on getting nutritious and delicious foods, conveniently to every person in America for this generation and the generations to come. 

Laura is an Arizona native agriculture expert with a bachelors in horticulture and masters in agribusiness from Arizona State University. She has worked for several local farms and nurseries the last ten years throughout the valley.  Over the last three years she had began and ran her own homestead farm.  She is excited to connect the local farmer with the consumer who want fresh natural produce, a better healthier lifestyle and to support the local community.

Nancy is has a diverse background as a dietician and event coordinator that she has utilized throughout varies states over the years.. Nancy's outgoing personality and wonderful communication skills make it easy for her to reach out to a wide variety of people in efforts to show people the benefits of locally sourced food through our events.



Want to list your food but not sure where to start?

Contact Laura at marketplace@yourfarmfoods.com


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Contact Nancy at events@yourfarmfoods.com


Have a question, comment, suggestion, or want to talk about food? 

Contact Kerry at kerry@yourfarmfoods.com