As part of Your Farm Foods commitment to connecting consumers directly with farmers, we offer multiple events each year that gives attendees the opportunity to learn about their favorite farmers and to learn ways to incorporate healthy living into their own lives.


Phoenix Tour de Coops

Phoenix Tour de Coops is a tour of backyard and small farm chicken coops in the valley! It will be filled with interactive examples of incorporating chickens into sustainable household garden systems in the Phoenix's East Valley! We will be in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe on May 3.

Tour de Coops is a one-day self-guided tour to educate visitors about keeping hens, delightful garden, ideas and inspiration toward sustainable living. The tour provides guidance for gardeners of all levels!

At Phoenix's Tour de Coops you will you have the opportunity to visit half a dozen chicken coops. Each location provides a different chicken experience to Bawk about!

Tour hosts will share their experiences with chicken care, coop design, maintaining harmony among the chickens and more. Follow Phoenix Tour de Coop on Facebook to stay tuned for this features. Past tours have provided examples of water harvesting, active beehives, greywater systems, rain gardens, composting, how to start and maintain your own garden beds, children activity site, and more!!

Phoenix Tour de Coops is a family-fun event that provides an entertaining way to get your friends and family crazy about chickens! It's a great event to attend if you just want to learn about chickens, thinking about getting some of your own, or if you already have chickens and want to learn more. By the time you go home, you will know how to care for chickens and have access to the resources needed to get you started.

This event is open to all ages, tour-goers check in at headquarters. There you will get access to the tour site map and attend the tours at your own pace.

The next Tour de Coops will be May 3, 2020. Look for details and tickets beginning April.



Speed Date Your Farmer

Speed Date Your Farmer is an inspiring and entertaining event that gives attendees a way to get to know their farmers and food.

At this event, you will Speed Date Your Farmer. You will learn reasons to buy local food, taste local food provided from your farmers, taste test local beer, as well as have one-on-one time with farmers in your local area.

You will have the opportunity to learn what foods your local farmers grow, how they grow it, and why they do it. You will also be able to ask farmers all of your dire farm-to-table questions.

You will leave this event fully knowledgeable and prepared to purchase local foods to feed your family in order to equip your home with a sustainable local food kitchen. 

Please be aware, you will get to enjoy Speed Date Your Farmer under the beautiful Arizona night sky in the picturesque scenery. Activities like this could give you a surreal and mesmerizing experience. Proceed with caution.

Come out. Bring some friends. Make some friends. Get to know your farmers. Create your local food sustainable kitchen.

The next Speed Date Your Farmer in Phoenix will be October 2020. Look for details and tickets to begin in September.