2 Pack 4 oz. NexVeg Hemp & Seed Original Patties

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Flagstaff made, non-allergen, plant-based protein.  

These are the first Certified 100% Whole food plant based proteins on the market (WFPB.org).  NexVeg™ Hemp & Seed has almost as much protein as beef at 16g per 4 oz patty. Excellent source of protein, iron and fiber, Vitamins A & C.

2 pack of 4 oz. frozen patties (8 oz. total)

These lightly seasoned patties are easy to use and cook.  They can be thawed and re-formed into any shape.  NexVeg™ comes frozen and vacuum sealed (Shelf life: 6 month frozen, 7 days refrigerated)

Visit https://nexveg.com/pages/cooking-instruction for information on cooking.