Organic Ocean - Wild Lingcod Fillet

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Lingcod - Ophidon elongatus 

'The fisherman's halibut - white, flaky, and half the price!'


Product Specs:

-1 Wild Lingcod Fillet, Average weight 2lbs or 907g 

-1 Fillet, Average fillet weight: 1.2lbs or 544g 

- Individually vac-packed, Pin-Bones-Out

- Skin-On 

-Sashimi Quality

* 100% sustainable, 100% delicious, 100% nutrient dense. 
* Essential building blocks to a healthy diet and immune system. 
* Premium packed with care and extra consideration to health and quality. 
* Delivered in refrigerated trucks to maintain food safety, cold-chain and quality.

Wild Pacific Lingcod are neither ling nor cod, and is actually the largest member of the Greenling family. Known to grow up to 5 feet in length and weigh in excess of 80lbs, the lingcod live in the rocky reefs of British Columbia where they are camouflaged by mottled coloration that varies from a mustard yellow to a deep brown & dark green depending on their environment. Our lingcod are caught on lures in a small boat artisanal hook-and-line fishery from stocks that are healthy, abundant, and managed to maintain or increase their population while minimizing the impact on the habitat, by-catch and other marine life.